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Tai nghe Sony MDR-V55 được thiết kế dành riêng cho các tín đồ yêu nhạc DJ, IDM, Rock, vv. Phong cách sành điệu với thiết kế gập củ tai nghe cùng với âm bass được tăng cường tạo cảm hứng sôi động cho người nghe

Signature DJ style

Clubheads and the style savvy can't help but gravitate to the MDR-V55. Throbbing bass and flexible curves make it ideal for your decks or the street.

Look good while you DJ

These sleek, curved headphones will add style to your DJ set and are available in four choices of colour

Easy to carry and store

A foldable design makes for easy storage, simply fold and store them in your bag when you’re not listening to music

Don’t miss a beat

The reversible earcup and the single-sided 1.2m cord make it easy for one-ear DJ listening

Turn up the bass, experience the treble

Experience rich bass thanks to a 40mm neodymium driver and a frequency range of up to 25,000Hz for powerful treble

Hear every detail

Listen to club tracks with high power input of up to 1,000mW and sensitive 105db/mW, for precise sound no matter what the volume

Give your beats full attention

Focus on fine-tuning and mixing thanks to noise isolating closed earphones

Comfortable listening

Whether you’re at the decks or on the go, a wide moulded headband and cushioned earcups give the comfort you need

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